Evidence Conference 2015

Confronting Moral Confusion in the 21st Century

6-7 February   —   Fresno, California

Does God make a moral difference anymore?

Are a million New Yorkers (or Californians) “good without God”?  Hear Dr David Clark on how God alone brings light into the moral darkness.

Is morality all relative?

Does life offer light in the darkness or only fifty shades of gray?  Hear Dr Scott Smith on the fallacy of moral relativism.

Victims now come with a label?

Is there any way to tell real victims from those who merely play the trump card?  Dr Bruce Boeckel outlines the background of this popular “moralist” tactic that actually undermines all legitimate morality.

What in the world is going on?

Why are world events in such turmoil?  Rev Jän van Oosten makes the connection between today’s moral confusion and today’s global chaos.

Morality in an urban jungle?

Can anybody be good and do right in an urban jungle?  Hear Dr Angulus Wilson on the real warfare, spiritual warfare, in urban America.

Raining on someone's parade?

Why not celebrate a broader definition of “marriage” and “family”?  What’s the harm?  Dr Nathan Smith dispels the parading attitude and looks at the verdict of reason on what constitutes real marriage.

Are you using your MIND in your Christian walk?

Donald Hester makes the case for loving God with your mind, not just your heart. Enquiring minds want to hear what he has to say!

Why still slavery in the 21st century?

Why is human trafficking one of the fastest growing industries in our “enlightened” modern world?  Here Andrea Shabaglain on this shocking form of moral confusion.

All roads lead to the same place?

Or is modern life just a mad rush toward a dead end?  Come hear the evidence about meaningful moral direction.

Right and Wrong: Just a hall of mirrors?

How do we decide on right and wrong when life is like a hall of mirrors?  Come hear the evidence for moral clarity.

Any reason to get off the bandwagon?

Should I just follow the crowd?  Is it good enough if “everybody’s doing it”?  Come hear evidence that moral choices matter.

Just go it alone?

Can I figure out morality by myself?  Go it alone?  At Evidence 2015 you can take on these questions ALONG WITH OTHERS!

Evidence 2015, 6-7 Feb., Fresno, CA

Confronting Moral Confusion in the 21st Century


Do Christian youth know what or why they believe?

Tony Gurule goes undercover playing the part of an atheist.  He tells how California church youth respond to the challenge.

Evidence Conferences and Seminars:  Our Story

The first Evidence Conference was held in Fresno, CA in February of 2014 on the campus of Fresno Pacific University. In summer of 2014, Evidence for Christ Ministries went international, with a seminar in Christian apologetics in Interlaken, Switzerland, at the annual meeting of the International Baptist Convention.  Evidence 2015 will be the second conference in Fresno, and Dr Bruce Boeckel will return to Interlaken in summer 2015 to give two seminars there:  “Scientific Apologetics” and “Christian Evangelism and the Challenge of Islam”.

Number of Workshops Given

Number of Seminars Given

Number of Conferences Organized

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A Recent EFC Event

Seminar in Interlaken, Switzerland with the Intenational Baptist Convention

Topic:  “Is Jesus Obsolete: Discussing the Christian Worldview in Today’s Secular Age”

Students:  The international conference participants at the “Interlaken Experience 2014”,
including people from every continent except Australia!